The GENIUS Bunnings ‘cleaning hack’ saving Aussies $2700!

This is actually life changing…

There’s no denying we’ve all gone through a fair bit of spray and wipe over the past few months considering the pandemic we’re currently living through, and that stuff isn’t cheap when you add it all up.

But one savvy shopper has spilled on the absolutely genius way they’ve saved thousands of dollars simply by buying one product from Bunnings Warehouse, and can we all just take a moment to praise this gem of a human?


“Go to bunnings for cleaning supplies,” Reddit user A_Cat_Named_Frank wrote alongside a photo of a 5-litre bottle of spray and wipe cleaning concentrate.

“That $30 bottle makes up 300L of Spray and Wipe.

“The equivalent volume from Coles would cost you $2,700”

I mean, they’re right… considering a bottle of spray and wipe at the supermarket is usually around $4.50 for 500ml.

LPT: Go to bunnings for cleaning supplies. That $30 bottle make up 300 L of Spray and Wipe. The equivalent volume from Coles would cost you $2,700 from r/australia

To no surprise, the post has since gone viral with hundreds of comments and likes.

“We are on our second bottle after about 4 years!” one user commented.

“You’ll also go through a lot less plastic by reusing a spray bottle. Tremendous life hack from you!” wrote another.

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Bottle of plain brand vinegar is around $2 and it does so much and isn’t a new product as been used for years and from floors to sinks window cleaning plus more you can’t beat it and would work out a lot cheaper.