The glass is half full for Dry July-ers!



CHEER Dry July-ers – you’re halfway through a month of no booze for a good cause!


Dry July invites Aussies to go booze-free for a month – for their own personal health – with the opportunity to raise funds and awareness for their charity of choice at the same time.

Cancer Council Queensland has been named a Dry July beneficiary in 2015, with funds raised contributing to the charity’s important work in cancer education and patient support services.

Cancer Council Queensland spokesperson Katie Clift encouraged Dry July-ers to stay on the alcohol-free wagon till the end of the month.

“Dry July is about clearing your head and making a difference,” Ms Clift said.

“Taking part in Dry July gives you the chance to focus on yourself – notice your own drinking habits and the value of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

“Dry July is a challenge of determination that rewards participants with a great sense of achievement and feeling of wellbeing – and our supporters are already halfway there!

“CCQ has already raised more than $88,287 through Dry July, and we’ve still got the rest of the month to go!

“We want to thank all Dry July-ers for their amazing fundraising efforts so far – by going booze-free in support of Cancer Council Queensland, you’re providing hope that together we can beat this disease.”

Dry July takes a light-hearted approach to raising funds for a serious issue by challenging participants to give up booze for the month of July.

Dry Julyers are supported by an online community of other participants, ambassadors and partners providing advice, help and encouragement through the challenge.

Visit to register, for a full list of beneficiaries, information on past funds in action, celebrity supporters and fundraising tallies.


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