The Gold Coast MPs behind the push to dump Malcolm Turnbull

Federal Gold Coast MPs have overwhelmingly backed Peter Dutton over Malcolm Turnbull in a dramatic day in Canberra.

Malcolm Turnbull decided to bring the leadership issue to a head at a meeting of Liberal MPs this morning with Peter Dutton opting to put his hand up for the top job.

Mr Turnbull narrowly survived the ballot 48 votes to 35 keeping him in the top job for now.


But experts predict it is only a matter of time before another challenge is launched.

Sky News has released a list of the 35 Liberal MPs it says backed Mr Dutton’s push for the leadership.

Trade Minister and Member for Moncrieff Steven Ciobo is among a number of cabinet ministers who backed Mr Dutton.

His position may now come under threat with the Prime Minister set to reshuffle his frontbench in coming days in the wake of Mr Dutton’s resignation as Home Affairs Minister.

MP for McPherson Karen Andrews is also listed as voting for Peter Dutton along with Member for Forde Bert van Manen and Wright MP Scott Buccholz.

MP for Fadden Stuart Robert would not confirm to who he backed but Fairfax reports he voted for Malcolm Turnbull.

The high number of Coast MPs backing Mr Dutton highlights concerns within the LNP about the party’s chances in Queensland at the next Federal election.

Mr Robert conceded the leadership dramas are causing damage in Queensland.

“Yeah of course it is, anytime you focus on yourselves it does damage and we need to get back to demonstrating to Queenslanders that it’s all about them,” Mr Robert told

“Our primary vote is low, and we need to get it up to 40% and we can only do that by demonstrating that.”

Mr Robert admits this is probably not the end of the leadership turmoil and another challenge is possible.

“History would tend to suggest that any leadership challenge goes in two’s, that tends to be a history back to the Hawke-Keating days so there might be a little bit of uncertainty.” sought comment from the offices of Mr Ciobo, Ms Andrews and Mr van Manen but did not receive a reply.

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Oh really Mr Robert !! the current crop of political parties and their members whom I might add are only there due to the democratic process, need to focus on what is stable and beneficial for the country not the outcome of the next election cycle. And for far too long the media has poked it’s nose into process, manipulated facts and figures to best suit a divide and conquer mentality. The constant state of flux within the leadership, of both major parties, is NOT good for the country, the people whom vote and the perception of the world. Most of the politicians currently in Canberra would be hard pressed to win a high school debate let alone articulate policies that best suit the country but need approval of the voters.
You all need to go back to basics and learn what is required to sell what you have to the voters. Now if the detractors don’t like the current boss then that is their prerogative but they need to remember they were elected to represent the interests of the constituents not to serve themselves.Has a really complete poll / vote been taken to see what the constituents actually think or is that something we voters are too stupid to do? I guess we are the cause of these current politicians, mind you it hard when there is no “None of the above” on the ballot paper. What a mess the political process has become, maybe it’s their turn for a royal commission?