The Gold Coast’s best place for single people

THE schizophrenic shopping hours on the Gold Coast has long baffled me.

Particularly as I lived and worked in Brisbane for a while where late night shopping is on Friday night and suburban supermarkets close at 9pm each night except Saturday when they close at 5pm and Sunday when they close at 6pm.

On the Gold Coast they close at 5.30pm on Saturday.


Stay with me – this is important information if, like me, you tend to run out of stuff at inopportune moments.

But then I discovered a major supermarket on the southern end of the Gold Coast actually stays open until 10pm EVERY night except Sunday when it closes at 8pm.

Holy dooley, I felt like I had been transported forward 20 years or was now living in NSW.

A supermarket opened late on Saturday night – jackpot!

As I prepared for my first foray into Saturday night shopping I told myself ‘at least it won’t be very busy – only a loser like me goes out food shopping on a Saturday night’.

Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

It was packed.

At first I thought I had found my tribe, my people – those who would prefer to food shop on Saturday night than traipse into the Surfers Paradise meat market.

Then I realised, the supermarket was the meat market. And not just literally.

It was full of single people eyeing each other up.

Sure, there were a couple of young couples racing in for snacks but the place was predominantly full of slightly desperate looking shoppers.

And they weren’t looking for the mustard powder.

There were no kids, no elderly people and they had cool music blaring from the speakers.

It was quite the party atmosphere.

I guess when there are few other options than clubbing or pubbing, a supermarket is a less threatening and more natural habitat to encourage the mating rituals of ordinary Gold Coasters.

Good for them.

However, it can be rather awkward if you are not on the prowl.

In that case, avoid eye contact, don’t lick your lips while squeezing the fruit and if you must ask do not yell at the butcher ‘aren’t there any thicker sausages around here?’

Have you been picked up or tried picking up at a supermarket? Leave your comments below…

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