The Gold Coast’s late night underworld

LATE one night, when all was quiet, I stopped at McDonalds to satisfy a craving for frozen coke.

It was about 10pm on a Saturday night and the McDonalds was in the car park of a largish suburban shopping centre on the southern end of the coast.

Everything else was closed so it was deadly quiet and ours was the only car around.


Then out of nowhere a large, white tradies ute – with phone number prominently displayed – appeared, slowly drove along the road before chucking a sharp right turn into the car park.

A blue car with a P Plate did the same thing from the other end of the car park.

They both dodged around a bit, looking unsure where to stop in the empty car park before parking nowhere near each other.

A few minutes later a black car I had not noticed parked in a dark corner, started up, and drove straight over to the white ute.

I didn’t stick around to find out what they were doing but I suspect it was not legal.

A lot of weird things happen on the Gold Coast late at night – and not just in the so-called entertainment hubs like Surfers Paradise.

Not long ago I was in a high rise overlooking Kurrawa Park at Broadbeach and, sheesh, did some really creepy things go down there in the middle of the night.

Men were coming and going, some by themselves, some in small groups disappearing among the trees or down the beach.

Gangs of loud-mouth youths, screamed at each other and fought as they wandered menacingly up the road.

Cars pulled up next to each other, conducted their business then took off.

After we go about our business during the day, working and shopping and catching up with friends, a nocturnal, parallel universe starts up 12 hours later.

We have all heard rumours about areas on The Spit you should not frequent after dark and beachside parks that have bad reputations.

What are you supposed to do? Call the police and say ‘look, I can’t see anyone doing anything wrong but they sure look suspicious’?

Is it none of our business or is this furtive or probable drug-related behaviour continuing to damage the Gold Coast’s reputation?
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