The Gold Coast’s most (and least) courteous drivers revealed

ARE you part of Generation X? Female? Have blue eyes and brown hair? Married, with no kids, own a dog and drive a hatchback?

If you answered yes to all of these questions then congratulations – you are one of the Gold Coast’s most courteous drivers.

On the other hand, if you – or someone you know is female, part of Generation Z, single, with no kids, drives a 4 x 4 and has brown hair – watch out! You’ve been ousted as one of the least courteous drivers on our roads.


Queensland’s most (and least) courteous drivers were identified through the Suncorp Insurance Courtesy Challenge on Facebook.

More than 1,600 Queensland residents took part in the survey which asked motorists a series of questions to determine howwe  behave behind the wheel, and how this impacts our safety.

Suncorp Insurance spokesperson, Melissa Cronin, said while the Facebook Courtesy Challenge is a bit tongue in cheek, there is a direct link between road courtesy and road safety, and all Gold Coast drivers would benefit from being a little nicer to each other and ‘bringing back the courtesy wave’.

“As we learned from last year’s State of Courtesy research, almost 60% of Gold Coast drivers* admitted that being the recipient of courteous driver behaviour would in turn make them more courteous drivers, so a friendly wave can have a huge impact on how others behave on our roads.”

“We must have safer Queensland roads, and by shining a spotlight on something as simple as road courtesy, and getting drivers to think about their behaviour, we hope we can encourage drivers to make a change for the better,” Mrs Cronin said.

“So next time you’re driving along and someone lets you merge in front of them – show your appreciation and give them a courtesy wave – as our research has shown, it can make all the difference.”

Residents on the Gold Coast can still get involved in the Suncorp Insurance Facebook Courtesy Challenge and find out their own unique courtesy score by clicking here.

[signoff icon=”icon-pin”]Age definitions used in the survey:
Generation Z – under 19 years
Generation X – 20 – 33 years
Generation Y – 34 – 48
Baby Boomers – 49 – 69 years[/signoff]

*Newspoll Market & Social Research conducted an independent internet survey in 2013 of 1,205 Queensland drivers aged 18 years and over. Drivers were surveyed from across Queensland and data was collected in line with ISO 20252 – Market, Social and Opinion Research and weighted with current ABS population demographics.