The Gold Coast’s newest multi-millionaire

THIS morning, most of us woke up and trudged through our usual daily routines.

One Gold Coast woman didn’t, though. She didn’t get up and start preparing for work, or rouse her kids from their slumber to get them fed and ready for kindy or school.

I’m not sure what she did, but I’m sure it wasn’t ordinary.


Because this particular Gold Coaster just won the lotto – a good and proper amount, too, as she pocketed almost $8 million!

Can you imagine it? Honestly, can you conceive of a world where you check your internet banking and see eight million big ones blinking back at you from the ‘account balance’ line?

Our city’s newest multi-millionaire is understandably excited. With her $,7,909,348 winnings, she’s going shopping.

“I’m going to buy myself a home; something with an ocean view because that’s all I’ve ever wanted. Then I want to set my family up for the future, give some money to family and some to charity,” she says.

Learning about her incredible windfall, I got to thinking about some of the things I’d do with a lotto win of that magnitude…

•I’d whack 10 grand off my electricity bill so it’s in credit. For some reason of all of my bills, my electricity bill is the one that gives me white hot rage when I open it. I’m dumbfounded that we have to pay SO much for a basic service.
•I’d hire a private chef. I can handle breakfast okay, but I want a chef to take care of my grocery shopping and to cook healthy, delicious meals for me and my family. Oh, the decadence.
•I once heard that Oprah flew her entire production staff (around 300 people) to Hawaii for Christmas. I’d do something like that with a few dozen relatives and friends. Except I wouldn’t go to Hawaii ¬– it’s practically identical to the Gold Coast. Maybe Hamilton Island or Port Douglas?

Other than those extravagances, there’s not a great deal I’d change. I’m really lucky – I like my life. It took a stranger’s lotto win to make me realise I’m quite happy with my lot and wouldn’t make any rash changes if I were to stumble on untold riches.

Still, some financial padding wouldn’t hurt. Powerball’s offering up a $3 million division one prize next Thursday, and Oz Lotto has jackpotted to $5 million for Tuesday’s draw. Gotta be in it to win it, right?

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