The Gold Coast’s silent plague – ANTS

IT seems to me there is a massive problem on the Gold Coast and no one is doing anything about it.

Sure, get a few bikers together and the State Government and police are on to them faster than you can say ‘but they are only mopeds’.

Yet mention the Gold Coast’s real problem and there is nothing but deathly silence.


I know I am not alone when I suggest the biggest threat to the Gold Coast’s way of life at the moment is ants.

Yes, ANTS.

If you have so far managed to escape the insidious incursion of these little monsters into your homes – beware, no one is safe.

It started a few months ago with lines of the little black ones marching through my kitchen.

Then several piles of grey stuff appeared on my lawn.

Before long, the big reddish buggers were making themselves at home.

But here is the weird thing, I never saw the little ones and the big ones together as they alternated the days they would invade my home.

One night I took out the iron I have not used for months.

Yes months. Don’t judge me.

As the iron heated up, something black appeared on the shirt I was about to iron.

It was an ant.

Then another appeared and another until thousands of the little bastards (I am not exaggerating – I have pictures) started swarming out of the iron’s water tank to escape the heat.

It was like a horror movie.

I threw that cursed iron away immediately.

Even after trying every poison I could legally buy, the little creatures were still turning up each morning, arrogantly wandering in orderly lines across my kitchen floor.

There must be another nest somewhere, I thought incisively.

I found it yesterday, in my very expensive coffee machine.

I could not understand why little black bits were falling out of the bottom of it so I took the back off and there they were, the big ants and their revolting white larvae nesting right near the water inlet.


After trawling through internet forums it appears I am not the only one on the Gold Coast being chased out of my home.

Get out while you can.

Have you got an Ant story in your home? Leave comments below…


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