The Great Australian Whinge

As long as there have been homes, there have been first homebuyers.

And as long as there have been first homebuyers, there have been first home whingers.

I’m talking about all those people who complain that all manner of evil forces – from negative gearing and greedy investors, to crappy wage growth and unemployment rates – are colluding to prevent them achieving ‘The Great Australian’ dream of home ownership.


In reality? That’s a load of crap.

If you want something bad enough, like your own home, you can get it. You just may have to do it differently to everyone else.

For instance, you probably won’t be able to buy your ideal home in your idea suburb straight off the bat. News flash: neither does anyone else.

I know that my first home was purchased in a regional town in north Queensland where I lived for a few years for work. It was a 30-year-old unit made of besser brick that had been ‘refreshed’.

It was by no means fancy – the kitchen and bathroom were as basic as they come and the courtyard was barely big enough to swing a mouse, let alone a cat. But, it was mine!

I still have fond memories of it and I know that without that little unit, and the little equity gain it delivered me, I’d never have been able to upgrade over the years to end up where I live today.

“Regional Queensland is a tad more affordable than the Gold Coast,” I hear you doubters say.

That’s true – Gold Coast property prices may seem out of reach for some.

But a quick search of reveals no fewer than 747 listings for homes on the Gold Coast priced at $250,000 or below. Stretch that budget up to $300,000 and it doubles to 1500 listings.

Southport, Ashmore, Palm Beach, Varsity Lakes: there are properties available at sought after suburbs all over the Coast.

Granted, they’re largely apartments but if you’ve got a family and need more spacious digs, then why not strive to become a first home investor? Rent where you want to live and buy elsewhere to get your foot on the ladder.

Can’t save a deposit? Do a joint venture with someone else so you can split the cost and fast-track the process!

My point? There are dozens of things you can do to start working towards buying a house. Even just setting up a direct debit to transfer $20 a week to savings account is a start towards making a change.

Taking any action at all is better about whinging the cost of housing, because the reality is, it’s only going to get more expensive from here!

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