The Great Escape

CAN you imagine the scene?

Mayor Tom Tate and his chief of staff tiptoeing around their office as they packed up their things to make the great escape without anyone noticing.

The whispered oaths as they stubbed a toe on the water cooler, the sniggers and giggles as they hid behind the door as councillors came looking for them.


The planned midnight flit to the glamorous 1930s Art Deco town hall in Southport.

The story about Cr Tate packing his bags and moving out of the Evandale council headquarters this week is so weird I just can’t get my head around it.

Who does that?

No wonder the councillors who will be left behind at Evandale are feeling a bit miffed.

It’s like mum and dad moving out and leaving the kids behind.

They are not even taking any administration staff which means the chief of staff now has no staff to be chief of.

If I was a suspicious person I would be very suspicious about the motives behind the move.

Lunchtime naps? Poker games? Cigar smoking?

Cr Tate is reportedly moving so that he will be at the centre of the action as Southport experiences a post-tram, pre-Broadwater development boom.

Southport is also about to be officially proclaimed the Gold Coast’s CBD.

But the news comes amid accusations Cr Tate is trying to cut councillors out of announcements in their divisions and has ordered all media to go through his people.

It’s all about Tom.

The guys won’t have the two-story building to themselves though.

Veteran Cr Dawn Crichlow has been ensconced in a downstairs office since about 1935, when it was first built.

So I have been told.

She certainly won’t be putting up with any shenanigans from them upstairs.

So no parties, loud music or running in the corridors.

The relatively tiny Southport building is gorgeous but I can’t imagine it has the modern comforts of Evandale.

Like nice toilets.

The strangest part of this move is that the decades-long kerfuffle over where the council headquarters should be had seemed to have died down.

Though that might be because I lost interest in the issue years ago.

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