Falling like dominoes: Citizenship crises claims five more MPs

UPDATE at 1:30 PM | POLITICIANS are falling like dominoes at Parliament House in Canberra after the High Court ruled Labor senator Katy Gallagher was ineligible to hold her seat.

Four more MPs including Labor’s Justine Keay, Josh Wilson and Susan Lamb, along with Centre Alliance MP Rebekah Sharkie have all resigned in the last hour.

All four duel citizens from the House of Representatives have announced they will re-contest their seats at by-elections.


FIRST at 11:30 AM | Labor Senator Katy Gallagher has lost her seat in parliament after the High Court ruled she was ineligible because of her dual citizenship status.

The ACT representative claimed she took all reasonable steps to renounce her British ties before the election.

The High Court’s hardline stance puts a cloud over the fate of a number of other MPs who have questions about their citizenship.

Susan Lamb, Justine Keay and Josh Wilson, and Rebekha Sharkie are likely to face a by-election, rather than wait for the High Court’s judgement on their eligibility.

Attorney General Christian Porter is calling for their resignation immediately.

“They must resign today, Bill Shorten must require the resignation of those three Labor members today,” he said.

“That must occur before the close of business today.”

Ms Gallagher said she’s disappointed by this, but respects the decision of the High Court.

Ms Gallagher may be able to re-enter parliament through a newly-created lower seat in the ACT.

Labor Senate Leader Penny Wong hinted at Ms Gallagher’s return today.

“Former Senator Gallagher is an outstanding Senator and she is an important part of Labor’s Senate leadership team,” Ms Wong said.

“She’s too good to lose.”