The lost art of anticipation

CHRISTMAS decorations went on sale in August. AUGUST.

End of year sales have already begun and we had a 31 degree day in October. I feel jibbed.

December 1 is historically one of my favourite days of the year. It is supposed to be the day that heralds the beginning of my two favourite seasons – Summer and Christmas.


But instead of waking up to something fresh and new on the first of December this year, it felt like I was arriving late for my own party – one where everyone had already raided the bar and eaten my food.

Is anticipation a dying artform? Do we actually understand the purpose of a season?

What happened to the rule of no decorations before December 1?
What happened to Boxing Day Sales?
And what happened to the first swim of the season happening on Christmas Day?

Some changes need to be made before we lose the wonder of this special season altogether.

1. Now the weather is a bit of a tough one. Apparently we are in for a hot and dry summer this year thanks to El Niño so it is kind of out of our control. But it would remove the stigma around December 1 if we decided to make summer a more fluid term and we relied on something akin to a groundhog to determine its starting point each year.

2. Is it possible for the Gold Coast to set some etiquette rules for decorating? Wouldn’t it create a great sense of community if we united to make a big deal over the start of the silly season and collectively turn on our fairy lights on the first of December? Of course, that would mean giving the season an official end date as well – all trees down by January 1 (Mal Lees I’m talking to you).

3. We could always start celebrating more holidays and therein address the advertising slump between Easter and Christmas that pushes forward the Christmas stock every year. We have all of our holidays bunched together at the start of the year and then nothing until Christmas. Maybe that is one reason we should celebrate Halloween – simply to protect the integrity of the Christmas season.

If I’ve cottoned on to the pattern right, I’m betting Hot Cross Buns go on sale on Boxing Day. Maybe I should just start saying Happy Easter so I can stay ahead of the trend?

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