Lotto app crashes as thousands rush to enter $80M Powerball

Tonight’s eye-watering $80 million Powerball jackpot appears to be in hot demand, so much so that The Lott app and website has completely crashed.

Dozens of hopeful winners have taken to social media to vent their frustration at not being able to purchase their last-minute tickets online.

One person even claims that they’ve been waiting 40 minutes to simply checkout with their entries.


“The Lott, your app and website aren’t allowing new sign ups at the moment. Deny me $80m, I dare you,” one person commented.

“Logging into my account just times out.. will be really upset if my numbers come up and i’m not in,” wrote another.

It’s no surprise why tonight’s $80 million Powerball draw is so popular.

It’s the equal biggest Powerball jackpot offered so far this year, and also only the seventh time in the game’s history that a jackpot of this size has been up for grabs.

If one person pockets the entire division one prize, the Lott spokesperson Matt Hart says it would be only the second time someone has scored the $80 million Powerball prize.

“While we’ve certainly seen Powerball jackpots rocket all the way to $150 million, only one other Aussie has taken home an $80 million Powerball prize – the farmer from the Port Macquarie region who won earlier this year,” he said.

The Lott is yet to confirm exactly what has caused the application to stop working.

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Today I find that despite not getting a ticket, for each occassion I clicked the purchase b***on, funds have been taken bank account. Now on hold with customer service for god knows how long!!!

They took the money from Account
But I missed on the tickets as site crashed.
They still managed to take money from my bank Acc.
Appalling service & p……….ed off no tickets.
Not happy .!!!!

And a refund takes 7 to ten days.