The master has spoken

Freudian slip: an error in speech that is interpreted as occurring due to the interference of an unconscioussubdued wish or train of thought.

I always enjoy a good slip of the tongue.

It often says a lot about the slipper and what he thinks about the slippee.


During a farcical budget estimates hearing on Tuesday, Premier Campbell SuperNewman tried to display a more humble side after his recent ‘saviour of the state’ declarations.

Smugly enjoying his clear advantage over the Opposition after rejigging the estimates system to suit the government, SuperNewman embarrassingly stumbled during one of his planned spiels.

“Every single day, we are working to make this government perform for Queenslanders,” he said, his hand on his heart and red cape fluttering from the carefully placed wind machine.

“They’re our servants … sorry … they’re our masters, we’re their servants and we are working for them every single day.”

Oh dear.

Of course you won’t find it in the official Hansard record because someone thoughtfully changed it.

Or was asked to change it.

Or perhaps he just utilised one of his most used super powers to wind back the clock and say the speech again.

This super power might explain why Queensland sometimes seems to be back in the 1950s lately.

In the past, estimates, though occasionally tedious, played a vital role in keeping governments accountable on what they were spending.

With seven hearing days over two weeks, some huge scandals were revealed.

But after some careful LNP manipulation, there are now only two sitting days with seven hearings being held simultaneously each day.

So instead of a prolonged and organised inquiry into the government’s spending, they now only have one Opposition MP desperately trying to get answers to where the money is going.

Like Deputy Premier Jeff ‘Frequent Flyer’ Seeney spending about $200,000 a year on traveling to and from home every week by private plane.

The Newman Government, at the moment, has an unholy majority, there is no upper house to check this power, the CMC has been watered down, the Opposition is next to useless, the media is depleted and the estimate hearings have been nobbled.

So nothing to worry about.

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