The McFlurry return we’ve all been waiting for!!!

Oh my gosh it’s the most exiting day of our year so far, probably, with news that Maccas has put the Kit Kat McFlurry back on the menu.

Good try on the Banana Caramel Pie McFlurry McDo, but we’ve actually all been hanging out for return of the ‘Kat. And. It’s. Here!

Super sweet, deliciousah chunks of Kitty, with a wallop dollop of choccy sauce and you’ve got me a good ol’ Friday night (plus, Sat, Sun and Mon through Thurs).


In the slightly depressing news, it’s likely only going to be available until the end of September, but maybe there’s an opportunity here for some wide spread petition action to get it on the permanent menu. Because seriously, it’s the best McFlurry of them all. We don’t even need you anymore Oreo, M&Ms are still OK for now.

Um, also, there’s a new item on the menu of the Kit Kat variety as well… and it’s a Kit Kat FRAPPE! Drool.

But which one are you supposed to order first? I’ll be getting both, my friends.

Does Uber Eats employ truck drivers yet?