The most profitable Gold Coast suburbs revealed

Post written by Paul Wilson

IF YOU had a crystal ball that could tell you which Gold Coast suburbs would enjoy the biggest price growth in the next 10 years, you’d want to get your hands on it, right?

Well, we don’t quite have a crystal ball. But we do have the next best thing, which is industry statistics detailing which suburbs have delivered the biggest profits to Gold Coasters in the past. While by no means definitive, past property performance is always a good indicator of what you can expect for the future.


Topping the list for the highest percentage selling for a profit was Coolangatta, with 93% of all properties selling at a profit for their vendors in the 12 months to August 2013, according to RP Data. The average profit gain was $270,196, and 7% of Coolangatta vendors sold at a loss.

Meanwhile, the biggest cash gain in dollar terms was Broadbeach Waters. Of the 159 homes in Broadbeach Waters that sold across that period, almost three-quarters (71%) sold at a profit against purchase price, with the average gain being a massive $346,265. No surprises there: the suburb is central, sought-after with tenants and buyers alike, and features properties on big blocks of land that back onto water.

While this is an impressive result, we have to remember that 29% of all vendors who sold in Broadbeach Waters during that period actually sold at a loss.

It’s an apt reminder that no suburb, location or property – no matter how ‘good on paper’ it seems – is going to be the right investment for everyone. I’m a big believer that there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to property investing, as every investor really needs to tailor their purchase to their own personal wants, needs, goals and budget.

Interestingly, the Coast underperformed compared to the state-wide average, as no Gold Coast suburb recorded all properties selling for a profit. The state-wide average for other regions, including weather-affected North Queensland, was 4% of all suburbs.

In saying that, RP Data’s research shows that property profitability stretches the length of the Gold Coast, with the full list of our 10 most profitable suburbs as follows:

suburb sale tableDo some of the suburbs in that list surprise you? There are certainly some areas mentioned that I wouldn’t naturally gravitate towards as a property investing location, but they’ve clearly paid dividends for property owners in the region.

Statistics and research such as these RP Data findings are always interesting as they give you an indication of how a certain area is travelling, but it’s important to remember they are simply that: an indication.

As an investor, there are often opportunities you’ll come across that will produce greater results than the average statistical assumptions for an area, just as there will be properties that perform worse than their neighbours. It’s important to always do your research, to have a keen eye for value and most importantly, to only leverage opportunities that stack up based on your own personal investment strategy.