The Mudgeerabarbarians’ hilarious response to M1 sign spelling mistake

A new M1 sign has stirred up quite a reaction from locals after a spelling mistake was found in it… but a response to the sign is quickly gaining a lot of attention.

The new exit 79 sign for Mudgeeraba Road has been accidentally spelled ‘Mudgereeba Road’, and yeah, the Mudgeerabarbarians aren’t thrilled.

Local Councillor Glenn Tozer took to Facebook over the typo, saying ‘mistakes get made sometimes’.


“It’d be fair to say a staff member in the Main Roads team is very embarrassed this afternoon’.

Though the comments on his Facebook post weren’t as forgiving…

“RIDICULOUS, It’s ok to make mistakes but is there no quality control/cross checking… seem it all a joke because it’s not their money paying for it, stupidity breeds stupidity…”

“Mistakes get made” said the surgeon after realising he has just amputated the patient’s wrong leg!…”

“Not the first time mistakes like this have been made ? I remember years ago a sign went up on the back highway denoting TUGAN instead of Tugun! How could they get it so wrong? Could we please second the spell check?…”

Local MP Ros Bates also posted the photo to Facebook, blaming the Queensland Transport Minister for the ‘fail’.

“Another Labor fail from Mark Bailey, remember when he couldn’t pronounce Worongary? Maybe we should have emailed him the correct spelling to #mangocube ,” her post reads.

The sign has already been removed overnight, and the state government is working to correct the mistake.

But one of the Mudgeerabarbarians have come to the rescue with how the sign should be fixed, and locals love it.

PHOTO | Screenshot from Mudgeerabarbarians Facebook group

It even features the community’s custom made Mudgeerabarbarians sticker!

In all seriousness though – a new sign with correct spelling is on its way.