The Newest Member of the Burleigh Heads Police

I’VE long been an advocate of the office pet. I think it’s a great idea for workers to be able to bring their dogs or cats to the office from time to time – so long as they’re well behaved, of course.

Unfortunately for me, my co-workers don’t always share my enthusiasm.

While they’ve never been keen on the idea of introducing an office pet, we did come to a bit of a compromise with a few plants… It just wasn’t the same.


Even the notion of the pet being the company mascot and wearing a little company jumper wasn’t enough to persuade them.

Anyway, it seems that for the police officers and staff at Burleigh Heads Police Station, an office pet is starting to look like a real reality.

Far from the police dogs we’re accustomed to spotting on occasion, Burleigh Heads now have their very first police cat – and his name is Frank.

The cat was brought in as a stray dozens of times and although the officers contacted his owners, Frank just didn’t want to go.

In fact, he didn’t like his second foster home, either; he just wanted to hang around the boys (and ladies) in blue.

With his fluffy white coat and ice-blue eyes, the staff took a liking to Frank and set him up with a bed and bowls, solidifying his place among the officers.

And, he’s proved useful.

Apart from catching any stray mice scuttling around the place, he’s also a handy icebreaker for people who find themselves a little uncomfortable in a police station.

Like any typical cat, he’s been said to strut around as though he owns the whole station.

While it’s not clear whether he’ll be a permanent addition, Frank is definitely living it up in the meantime.

Frank’s story gives me hope; surely if the men and women who enforce the law can have an office pet, there’s a chance my colleagues will one day enjoy the company of a furry office pet.

Or, you know, a couple of fish. It’s a start.

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