Facebook back on the grid after global outage


THE Facebook community is returning to normal after a brief, unexpected global outage sparked worldwide panic.

The social networking website, which boasts over one billion users, crashed for around 25 minutes from 6pm local time on Thursday.


It created headlines across the globe, the nightly news bulletins went with ‘breaking news’, and within minutes, #FacebookDown was the number one topic trending on Twitter.

Millions of desktop and mobile users were locked out of their accounts and issued with an automated error message.

“Sorry, something went wrong,” the message said. “We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.”

Having depended on the site for so long, many Facebook addicts were left in a state of shock and unable to move on without it.

It remains unclear what caused the crash, which Founder Mark Zuckerberg has been widely quoted as saying would never happen.