The only bright side of Australian politics: Twitter

Sportsbet done mucked it up this year, and the internet’s demanding Queensland departs the nation but here we all are, another election done.

The internet more than blew up in Australia overnight, with everyone fuming that Labor lost ‘an unloseable election’.

In the cold, harsh light of day more and more is coming out about how Bill Shorten’s campaign was seriously lacking, with the Labor leader expecting the leadership to just fall into his lap.


After last year’s Liberal leadership coup – it seemed all but inevitable that Labor would gain power. Alas, it was not the case. And the internet has SEVERAL opinions.

First of all, even American political commentators were watching the election closely and some… alarming… connections were made.

But never mind that, the internet says it’s Queensland’s fault.

Us Queenslanders are the ones who went and picked a few mining jobs over the Great Barrier Reef, and now the entire country hates us.

The hashtag ‘#Quexit’ has kicked off on Twitter, demanding the sunshine state gets cut-off from the rest of the country, so you know, cool.

In response, Queenslanders started their own hashtag ‘#NotAllQueensladers’ pointing the blame more north and further in land.

Just to give you an idea of social media last night… ‘#Quexit’ was trending… below ‘RIP Australia’.

In other news.. how good* is it that Clive Palmer dropped a casual $60 million (at least) on his campaign and secured… no seats. (*of course this is sarcastic, this money might have been way better spent repaying his Queensland Nickel workers).

While a good amount of the population was scratching their heads over who’s the better pick of the bunch, this photo did the rounds in the election lead up.

You know what, I would have number 1’ed Rick Astley.

Obviously we can’t copy and paste the entire internet, but wow last night was a good time to be a Twitter scroller.

In another fun twist, Tony Abbott lost his seat so if we’re to look on any sort of bright side here, Scomo MIGHT actually get something done.

But enough political speculation, we’re here for the fun. We’re here for the bright side of the Auspol carnage.

So let’s wrap up with: Sportsbet.

They done gone called the election EARLY and paid out $1.3 million to punters. ABSOLUTE WOW.

They’re riding this joke alllll the way to the bank now though, mopping the floor on social media with …themselves, oh and Clive.

Hilarious mistake or complete publicity stunt? We don’t even care.

The grandest joke has to be how everyone’s turning on each other as to who’s to blame for a democratic vote.

Whatever, Scomo BURNS for us… **cue Tina Arena/Johnny Farnham/INXS song puns**

At least we’re stuck with Scomo for three years, right?