The perfect number of gifts for kids this Christmas

At shopping centres across the Gold Coast this week, you’ll find volunteers staffing gift-wrapping booths for charity. Please support them! It’s a brilliant idea, where everyone wins: the charity profits off the donations, the shoppers benefit by getting their presents wrapped, and the volunteers in the booth enjoy giving back to the community. Win-win-win!

I am one of the merry wrappers you’ll encounter at a booth this year… and I’ve got to say, the experience has been eye-opening.

I’m not judging. Well, I’m trying not to judge.


But it’s the sheer volume of gifts that people buy, and the amount of money that they’re spending, that is shocking to me.

On the one hand, a woman approached us with 3 gifts: a boogie board, a doll and an art and craft pack. “I have three kids, so one present for each child,” she smiled.

On the other hand, a couple rolled up with 2 full trolleys full of toys, clothes, shows, paints and sporting equipment. “One trolley for each child!” they said.

I’m not sure which kids I feel more sorry for!

I think one gift is perhaps a little grinchy; at least add some stickers and a Kinder Surprise, so they have a few items to open?

But I think a trolley full of gifts is perhaps worse?

It reminds me of this mum, who has made the news as far as New Zealand, the UK and the United States, for her over the top approach to Christmas presents. She’s copping quite a bit of heat online, which isn’t quite fair; she’s just a mum doing her very best to provide a wonderful Christmas for her kids.

The problem is, she’s spent literally thousands of dollars on a veritable toy store full of gifts. In the mix is a TV, playstation, bike, scooter, LOL doll house, and dozens upon dozens of other toys.

It will honestly take her kids a good hour – maybe two! – to open all of these. And once they do… then what? How do they decide what to play with? I’m overwhelmed just thinking about it, I can’t imagine how the kids will process it… with much joy, I guess!

Though there is no magic number, no perfect amount of gifts to give our kids this Christmas, I think it’s fair to say that 1 is too few and 100 is too many.

However many gifts you’re spoiling your little ones with this year – come and get them wrapped for a gold coin charity donation!

Harbour Town Shopping Centre – raising funds for Bravehearts
Robina Town Centre – raising funds for Make-A-Wish Foundation
Pacific Fair – raising funds for Act for Kids and Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation
Australia Fair – raising funds for the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation