The rise of the Gold Coast bogan and other important issues

WHILE looking through a TV website recently, I stumbled onto a show I thought at first was a prank.

Called The Bogan Hunters, it is three actors pretending to be bogans touring Australia searching for the nation’s biggest real bogan.

A parody surely, I thought after watching an episode.


Hey, don’t judge me. You try tearing your eyes away from it.

But then I was in a supermarket in Palm Beach the other day.

A tracky-dacked mother and her scrappy-looking kids were touring the aisles when the mother suddenly grabbed her little boy’s arm and started scolding him.

I don’t know what the kid said but from the disgusted, screwed up look he was giving his mother and her reaction I think we can guess.

“Jeez mate,” she said very, very loudly, “it was only a fart! Get over it!”

As I dodged the area she had just exited and escaped down another aisle I thought, well, yuk!

I know I accuse my computer of making farting noises sometimes but I thought farting in public was still a taboo.

If we do accidently make an unfortunate noisy emission don’t we still pretend that it was our shoe squeaking on the floor, or a chair leg or something?

The creators of the Bogan Hunters, who by all accounts are more inner-city wankers than real bogans, describe their subjects as the backbone of Australia, and part of a very real culture.

A culture on display in certain areas of the Gold Coast, usually near Centrelink offices.

Wow, that sounded really snobby even to me.

But the rise of the bogan on the Gold Coast helps explain something I’ve noticed while looking at animal rescue websites as we prepare to adopt a new member into the family.

The vast majority of dogs looking for new homes are Staffordshire bull terrier crosses.

Are they just extra horny dogs that manage to get around more than other breeds these days?

Or is it because their owners refuse to neuter them, preferring to bask in the reflected glory of the breeds’ overtly masculine appearance?

I am hoping these and other important questions are answered on The Bogan Hunters.

Have you spotted a Gold Coast bogan? When and where, Leave your comments below…

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