The severe storm that wasn’t

DO you remember how it felt to watch a big storm roll in when you were a kid?

I used to love the feeling of being tucked up in bed or on the couch with a blanket as a giant storm passed over.

The noise never bothered me, even as a small child – instead, I was in awe.


When the sky turned that telltale bright, grey hue and the low, far-away rumble of thunder began to echo through the sky, I’d get nervous butterflies as I positioned myself as far from the window as possible, so I could catch a glimpse of the storm while also feeling a safe distance away from the action.

And I didn’t even contemplate picking up the phone to call anyone until the storm had well and truly moved on. (Remember that?!)

Of course, as a parent, anticipating a storm is a whole different experience.

It never hurts to be prepared. So when the Queensland Bureau of Meteorology issued a severe thunderstorm warning for the Gold Coast yesterday afternoon, I took that warning seriously.

We ushered our dogs inside and settled them in the laundry.

We covered our cars in tarps and towels, as the garage is too cluttered with junk to do something practical like park our cars in it.

I even collected my fledgling miniature herb garden from the back patio and tucked it inside the back door, so it wouldn’t get obliterated if the rain became too heavy.

“Batten down the hatches,” we were told, “because the storm is a-coming!”

As the first rumblings of thunder rolled in, I felt a nervous shiver of excitement.

Seconds later, the thunder became louder as the rain started pelting down and big chunks of hail hit our driveway and rooftop.

“What’s that?” my three-year-old asked anxiously, alarmed by the loud thumping noises made as ice connected with concrete. “I don’t like storms!”

Clearly, my daughter doesn’t have the same appreciation for storms as I do.

Fortunately for her, she didn’t have to deal with it for too long as the storm was done and dusted pretty quickly. My trip down memory lane lasted all of five minutes – in our suburb, at least – as the rain and thunder was gone as quickly as it arrived.

Storm season proper is due to start in around a month, kicking off mid-October. I, for one, am counting down the days.

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