The slums of southern Gold Coast

OK, this is getting ridiculous. Division 14 – in all its beachside and rainforest-backed glory – is starting to resemble a slum.

It’s a big call – and highly insensitive towards other parts of the world – but I’m calling it all the same.

While last week it was quite funny to see what people scavenged from my pile, this week it is becoming a bit sad – broken bricks? Really?


I should probably stop and acknowledge my appreciation for a council service like kerbside clean up for people like me. I have excess junk and a million dead palm fronds, but no trailer to take it to the dump.

On paper this is a great way to ensure our suburbs stay tidy and bush areas remain a dump free zone but in reality it is an embarrassing eyesore that has been hanging around for way too long. I’m starting to wonder if it is worth the hassle.

Two weekends ago, I was spouting the brilliance of this initiative by the Gold Coast City Council. It sounds so convenient and almost too easy – I just put my junk on the kerb and the council comes and picks it up? As the week wore on my appreciation – and sense of humour – was quickly fading, and by Friday afternoon my neighbourhood was in rant mode.

Where were these council guys – our supposed knights in recycled armour? The flyer clearly stated November 17-21. Did they forget about us? Did we get the wrong week? Have we missed the boat?

It is now Tuesday. My rubbish, and that of my neighbourhood has been on display for at least ten days now.

I’m sure the couple down the road who are trying to sell their house are stoked; I mean the street appeal of the neighbourhood is definitely working in their favour.

I’m loving watching the neighbourhood kids take imaginative play to a new level but I do have serious safety concerns.

The endless stream of scavengers roaming the streets around my home does make for good people watching but I get the feeling that my house and my movements are getting cased along the way. It is a little disconcerting.

And my grass – what little life there was left in it anyway – is now officially dead.

Maybe I should just get the neighbours to pitch in so we can hire a trailer and get rid of this mess ourselves and reclaim our street once and for all.

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