The strangest note I ever received

NOTHING puts a smile on your dial quite like a small act of kindness between strangers.

I absolutely love them – receiving them, giving them, even hearing about them happening to other people.

A particular favourite of mine is taking the time to write a note. Every now and then one makes the rounds on Facebook or Reddit, whether it’s someone scribbling “Enjoy!” on the inside of a pizza box to writing a letter and leaving it inside a library book as an encouragement for someone to find.


There’s something extra special about a hand-written letter. It’s feels so much more personal than a comment on Facebook or a post on a forum. Sure, someone may have slaved over that online post for hours but, somehow, a scrawled note on a scrap of paper feels much more personal.

I once found a book of funny cat pictures on a bench with “Take me home and enjoy!” taped to the front cover. Admittedly, I left it there – I’m more of a dog person – but I did flick through it while waiting for my bus and I’m sure it made a cat-loving commuter very happy.

Sadly, my only other experience of being left a note from a stranger was when someone wished to inform me I’d “lost my brain” for parking in front of their bins while I was visiting a friend for dinner.

But I’m getting a little off-topic.

Back to the warm and fuzzy kind of note, this week I heard about 23-year-old Sammie Welch from the UK, who received a handwritten note from a stranger on the train.

The stranger’s commented on the good manners of Welch’s three-year-old son, and commended Welch for being a wonderful mother, enclosing a few quid so she could “have a drink on me”.

In a world gone mad with beheadings, bombings and bullshit politics, gestures like this are beyond heart-warming.

They remind us that although people can sometimes be rude and pushy (particularly around Christmas time, for some reason), we can also be kind – and sometimes we do nice things simply to make a stranger’s day.

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