The Teacher’s Pet: Gold Coast school teacher’s murder case returns to court

Former Gold Coast school teacher Chris Dawson will have his murder case return to court in Sydney today.

He’s accused of killing his wife, Lynette, in 1982.

The case returned to the spotlight thanks to the podcast: ‘Teacher’s Pet’, which resulted in the murder charge.


Today’s appearance is expected to confirm whether prosecutors will use any material collected by journalist Hedley Thomas from the podcast.

An extension was granted for prosecutors back in February, so they had more time to sift through more than 100 gigabytes of podcast material.

Meantime, Mr Dawson’s lawyers have suggested that Mr Thomas may have compromised the case by interviewing witnesses for the podcast.

It isn’t certain whether or not Mr Dawson, 70, will appear in court today.

He’s been living under strict bail conditions on the Sunshine Coast.