The Titans or the Kangaroos

As I sat in that old chair hoping to the gods of hair and fashion that the passionate gesturing of Dave the Barber wouldn’t result in a hole in one of my ears, the man dropped a bomb that brought an immediate hush to the room.

“I’m telling you mate, Daly Cherry Evans won’t be at the Titans next year.”



YESTERDAY I celebrated the 25th anniversary of me going to the same barber shop.  

Not the Americas Cup win ill grant you, but impressive nonetheless.

As I sat down in that chair that was almost older than me and asked for my usual ‘just take a few months off thanks Dave’ cut, I reflected that nothing much had changed.

Sure my barber is a little smaller nowadays and his stash of freddo frogs are apparently just for kids now (rubbish!), but the great tradition of manversations (just go with it) that occur in that shop have not changed one bit.

Only difference is these days I’m old enough to join in.

The topics and issues covered are as rich and diverse as the men discussing them but generally for me it starts off with our last round of golf and moves onto women then footy.

You know, the big issues of the world.

Yesterday was a real doozy.

“I’m telling you, Daly Cherry Evans won’t be at the Titans next year,” shouted Dave the barber to what was a full shop as I sat in my chair hoping his passionate gesturing wouldn’t result in a hole in one of my ears.

Cherry-Evans not coming? Surely that couldn’t be right. Could it?

“I read he just bought a house here – why would he back out now after all the hype,” I countered, slightly nervous about the fact he was now no longer completely focused on my haircut.

“He will for a Kangaroos jersey mate I’ll give you the tip. It’s the Gold Coast or Australia, that’s what it comes down too.

“That is what Bobby Fulton has told him,” boomed Dave, courageously not letting the fact he did not know nor had ever spoken to Bob Fulton perturb his enthusiasm.

It was an interesting (and not unconvincing) theory. Bob Fulton is a manly legend who also happens to be an Australian selector.

Was that question on the mind of Cherry-Evans right now? Could he still be weighing up the pros and cons of moving?

The barber shop conversation shifted to state of origin and I tuned out a bit as I pondered whether Cherry-Evans may actually still renege on his deal to be a Titans in 2016 and beyond.

In my reflective state I realised that right up and down the Gold Coast people in barber shops, front bars, coffee shops and even in boardrooms of national sporting teams were asking the exact same questions.

Is he going to show up?

What would it mean for footy on the Gold Coast if Cherry-Evans embraces the Titans in 2016?

What would it mean were he to spurn us?

I was actually almost convinced that what I was hearing from Dave was true until the bearded lunatic chimed in on the Origin debate.

“The Blues will win this year. 3-0. Guarantee it.”

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