There goes Usain Bolt, comparing apples with tomatoes

I KNOW that no one likes a bragger, but it’s hard not to feel just a little bit smug about our superior performance in the Commonwealth Games.

Our swim team killed it in the pool, paddling away with a whopping 19 gold medals, and overall Australia is leading the medal tally board.

We’re having a great run, there’s no denying it.


Well, someone just had knock the wind out of our sails, didn’t they? And this time it’s legendary runner Usain Bolt leading the charge.

The Jamaican sprinter – aka the fastest man in the world – apparently told a reporter that the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow were “a bit s**t”, adding that he thought that “the Olympics were better”.

Well, no s**t. Of course the Olympics were better.

Consider this for a moment: The original budget for London 2012 was around US$4 billion. By the time the Games arrived, this figure had ballooned out to more than US$15 billion.

The 2014 Glasgow Games, by comparison, had a budget of £575 million, or roughly US$1 billion.

So, Usain is comparing a truly global, multi-billion dollar sporting extravaganza that attracts world-class athletes from every corner of the globe, with a prestigious sporting event that exists in an entirely different market.

It’s kind of like saying that the movie you watched in Gold Class was so much more enjoyable than the movie you saw in a regular cinema.

Well, of course it was! You were sitting in oversized plush leather seats with only a handful of other cinema-goers, chomping away on nachos and sipping on a beer that was delivered to you mid-movie.

How is it fair to compare that with sitting in a crowded cinema with 100 other folks?

And let’s not forget, you pay handsomely for the privilege of that luxury experience.

When you go to the movies, a Gold Class seat costs you more than twice the price of regular entry.

And when you stage the Olympic Games, it seems that you’re working with a budget around 15 times greater than what the bean-counters at the Commonwealth Games have to play with.

So it seems, Usain Bolt’s just not comparing apples with apples – he’s comparing apples with tomatoes.

And that’s just unsportsmanlike, wouldn’t you agree?

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