“There is no excuse”: Qld govt slammed for GC Light Rail blowout

Queensland’s Shadow Transport Minister has unleashed at the government for their timeline blowout of the Gold Coast’s light rail.

Heavy works on the extension through to Burleigh were supposed to be underway, but it’s been revealed that building contracts still haven’t been sorted.

Transport Minister Mark Bailey admitted this will lead to delays in the 2023 finish date, and could likely cost more money to secure now.


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“The negotiations are normal after the contract is signed and they are ongoing and we’re trying to complete them as quickly as we can,” Minister Bailey told myGC last week.

“Because of the impact of the COVID pandemic and the very tight market out there because of the infrastructure boom, there will be an adjustment to the timetable.

“But the good news is we’re committed, as committed as we’ve ever been, to making sure the light rial is extended on the Gold Coast.

“It is critical to dealing with population growth and it has been an incredible success story to date.”

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate has already promised ratepayers won’t be forced to cover extra costs as a result of the timeline blowout.

The state opposition is backing that, saying there’s simply no excuse for the government not to get on and do it.

“Mayor Tom Tate and his council team are right. The state government needs to learn how to deliver a project on time and on budget.

“This is another example of where the Labor party seem to have absolutely no money, and it’s quite extraordinary.

“That they’re now wanting, yet again, for the Gold Coast City Council to try and bail them out of this next stage.

“This state government is going to keep using ‘coronavirus’ until the end of days. Whenever they’re in a corner they point to ‘coronavirus’.

“At the end of the day, the bottom line is that there was a contract signed with the John Holland Group – they were selected to build it.

“And the reality is that there is no excuse now, for them to not to be able to get on and do it,” Shadow Minister Minnikin told myGC.

Related article: Burleigh tram extension under a cloud as negotiations stall

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This is just the beginning of overspend, and delay remember the election is every 4 years so thats the deadlines they are looking at, no new dams no new power stations, no new infrastructure for the increased population, oh but maybe a billion for a new Gabba

What else do you expect from this so called government especially from Mark Bailey.

She was reelected with overwhelming majority. You get what you vote for.

What about the money the goldcoast city council spent on the goldcoast lights at yatala. Hows the maintenance bills going on that one for the rate payer.

Here is hoping Shadow Minister Minnikin never gets to hold the reins then.. The COG doe this project have has unexpected price rises since the tender was announced in September, heck the price of copper alone has jumped from $5k per tonne to $9.5k per tonne