There will be a little bit of NASA on the Gold Coast today – here’s why!

A representative from NASA will be on the Gold Coast today to help celebrate the launch of ‘The Pod’ at Coomera Anglican College.

The new, future-focused education facility can teleport students from the icy cold environments of Antarctica to the sweltering Sahara Desert and even off planet to Mars with simply the wave of a wand!

The facility, which is the first of its kind in Australia, features the latest in immersive and interactive technology, with robotics, interactive touchscreen displays, 3D printing, writeable walls, a 360-degree climate-controlled immersive environment, smart glass and an indoor drone flying space.


To help launch the innovative building today, the College has called in Mr Stephen Hunter, who is the Manager of the International Space Station Computer Resource from NASA Johnson Space Centre in Houston Texas.

With 24 years of experience with NASA, Mr Hunter has also brought his skills to the College and worked alongside students all week.

Coomera Anglican College Principal, Dr Mark Sly said it is an honour to have Mr Hunter in the
officiating party and working alongside the students.

“We are thrilled to have Mr Hunter join us at the College and to work with students talking all
things space with a view to the future,” Dr Sly said.

“With the Government’s recent announcement of the Australian Space Agency, it is estimated
to be a $12 billion industry by 2030 creating many jobs and opportunities for our current and
future students,” he said.

“We believe The Pod will meet the needs of our students in a rapidly changing technological
landscape and prepare them for the jobs of the future.”