There’s a garlic bread festival in Brisbane this weekend!

There’s a garlic bread festival being held up the road this weekend and I almost can’t finish the sentence because my mouth is watering so hard – oh wait – I’m typing, not talking.

Everything to do with the delectable, Italian(?) (doesn’t matter), bad-breath causing vampire eradicator, is just going to be throwing itself a nice little party in Bowen Hills on Saturday.

Bring yourself, your wallet (with extra funds, but also don’t worry if you run out because they’ve got ATMs), your dogs and kids.


Leave your loved one at home though, they’re not going to want to deal with the shtanky garlic breath you’ll be rocking at the end of this thing.

Expect cheesy garlic bread, garlic bread pizzas, garlic bread burgers (what? but yes), and plenty of garlic bread inspired bevvies from the bar. SO READY.

The event description says ‘BYO mints’, but I say – leave them at home. It’s all about us, bread, and garlic. We don’t need no menthol messing things up.

Starts at noon at the ‘Welcome to Bowen Hills’ venue. Which is obviously where gods hang out.

For more (actually useful) information, click here.