There’s a nugget burger on KFC’s secret menu right now

KFC has a secret menu and we probably should have known that already, but we only found out about it this morning because of one delicious looking new addition…

A NUGGET BURGER, need we say more?

So we’d heard about this burger from the gods that apparently made an appearance on the ‘secret menu’, but how, how, how do we get access to a menu that’s purposely being kept away from us!?


It was just all shrouded in mystery and the desk had too much drool on it to do any other work, so we sent in our best myGC detective (me) to figure it out.

We wouldn’t be writing this article if we didn’t crack the case, so find your steps to the KFC secret menu and the ‘Nug-a-Lot’ burger below (yes, it’s actually called that)!

1 – get the KFC Australia app on your phone (like you don’t already have it)
2 – click on the ‘order now’ button
3 – find your local store, click ‘order’
4 – Once you’re through to the menu, you’ll notice the secret menu isn’t there. Because it’s a secret.
5 – this step was where our detective hit a block but the promise of a nugget burger really got her through, also, it’s google-able. Anyway, pull the screen on your phone down, like you’re trying to scroll up. You’ll eventually expose a cartoon Colonel Sanders at the top of the page, but you have to keep pulling him down (both thumbs required). He gets bigger and bigger and bigger until he FINALLY pops and reveals his … ‘SECRET MENU’. Victory!

Get you ‘Nug-a-Lot’ burger, get your ‘Kentucky Slider’ (KFC taco!! YUM), get your ‘Kentucky Snack Pack’, and for goodness sake… get a MOVE ON!

You’re welcome.

The ‘Nug-a-Lot’! PHOTO | Screenshot from KFC Australia app.