These pets travel better than you

Do you get pangs of jealousy when you see your friends’ holiday snaps on Instagram?

Well now because we all love to follow cute pets on the social media site, they too are giving us envy with posts about all their travel adventures.

These pets spend their days exploring the world, while we are stuck at work.


Take a look at some of our favourite holiday pets to stalk below. If you are in dire need of a vacation, we suggest reading no further.

This Italian Chihuahua is probably be the world’s most jet-setting pet, and enjoys luxurious stays in Santorini and Paris.

Loki is a husky/Arctic wolf/ Alaskan Malamute mix and loves exploring the wilderness with his owner.


Millie the cat loves climbing and hiking adventures. When she gets tired, Millie hitches a ride in her owner’s backpack.

Ready for the desert not to be 1,000 degrees.. A photo posted by Craig Armstrong (@pechanga) on

Koa is a Golden Retriever who has got camping down pat. He loves spending nights by the fire with brother Aspen.

This four-year-old Golden Retriever, who is also called Aspen, spend his days exploring all things beautiful in Colorado with owner and photographer Hunter Lawrence.