“They have everything!” Woman buys ‘husband’ at Kmart

It’s a known fact that Kmart pretty much has everything, but this hilarious pick-up from one shopper proves it really is true!

Amie Ward was going through her Kmart receipt over the weekend when she discovered she had bought herself a husband – without even knowing it.

She took to the popular Kmart Home Decor and Hacks Australia Facebook group to share the humourous find with other Kmart lovers, writing “Kmart really does have everything you need”.


The post was accompanied by the docket, which clearly shows the woman had indeed picked herself up a ‘husband’, who even had a product code.

PHOTO: Facebook | Kmart Home Decor & Hacks Australia

It immediately went viral, with the photo racking up thousands of likes and comments.

“Can I borrow your docket? Mines broken so need to make an exchange!” One person joked.

“I must be looking in the wrong Kmart,” wrote another.

“I’m going to Kmart after work today time to find me a husband,” commented another.

Mystery surrounds what product the woman actually bought.