Thick smoke billowing from island fire

RESIDENTS are reporting a large smoke plume visible towards the northern end of the Gold Coast.

This smoke is being generated from a bushfire burning in inaccessible land on Woogoompah Island, south east of Jacobs Well and Calypso Bay.

As there is no vehicle access on this island, the fire is being closely monitored and will be left to follow its natural course and burn itself out safely.


The blaze has been burning for approximately one week and Rocky Point Rural Fire Service said flames had so far burnt roughly half the island.

Woogoompah Island is located within the Southern Moreton Bay Islands National Park, around 8km north of Sanctuary Cove.

On Tuesday afternoon, flames were entering an area of substantial amounts of Tea Tree vegetation, producing very thick smoke over the area.

At 3.20pm, there was no immediate threat to surrounding property.

The fire is expected to continue burning for the next few days.