Thick smoke haze blankets the Gold Coast

Gold Coasters have woken to a thick smoke haze across the city this morning.

It’s understood bushfires burning in northern NSW are the cause.

Jess Gardner from the Bureau of Meteorology says while it may look severe now, the smoke should start to disappear throughout the morning.


“We’re seeing quite a lot of smoke around the gold coast at the moment, but we should see that start to mix out as the sun comes up and we start to see some of that atmosphere mixing through,” Ms Gardner told myGC.

“We’ve got southerly winds and that’s bringing smoke from the fires in NSW northwards across the Gold Coast, across Brisbane and most of South East Queensland.

“We should hopefully see that ease through this morning as we get some mixing in the atmosphere.”

The Department of Environment and Science has listed the air quality rating for the Gold Coast today as very poor.

Locals, especially those with asthma, are being urged to take care.