Think you have what it takes to deliver a baby?

A recruitment drive has been launched to fill positions at what will soon be the Gold Coast’s newest Private Hospital.

Allamanda Private Hospital General Manager David Harper said they are looking for help to deliver babies.

He said “we’re recruiting 30 Midwives at present, to start in early 2016 so we’re looking to train and team build on site before we open”.


“Our Nurse Unit Manager started in April this year and she’s developing a model of care and policy to ensure the safety and service”.

Mr Harper added that they do have “a small number of Midwives who joined us, we’ve also got a number of staff who are training as Midwives as well so having an internal and external recruitment strategy”.

He did say he thinks Midwifery is a job that “you have to love, it’s three years of undergraduate nurse training and then a postgraduate Midwife program”.

Currently Allamanda does not have any male Midwives, but he said “it is certainly something we’d welcome”.

The new facility, being built next door to the University Hospital, will open in March 2016.