Third Australian dies from Covid-19 in India

Another Australian has died from Covid-19 in India, taking the total to three fatalities.

51-year-old Sunil Khanna had travelled from Sydney to New Delhi, to care for his elderly parents recently.

His mother, unfortunately, died from Covid-19, and by the end of April, he had also contracted the virus.


Sunil’s brother, Sanjay Khanna, is now pleading with the Australian government to allow their father to come here, as he’s now alone in India.

understand you kept Australia safe and I’m really happy I’m in a country where our government has kept all its citizens safe and we want to follow all the protocols,” Sunjay told The Today Show this morning.

“That’s why we are safe. My only request to the government is please consider, on my special case, where I’ve lost my brother and mother in the span of 24 hours.

“Please, on humanitarian basis, please grant him a visa here to come and live with me. I am the last remaining member of his family in Australia and I’ve been an Australian citizen for the last 30-odd years.

“I migrated to this country in ’92. I’ve always been a law-abiding citizen here. That’s my only request. That’s my only humble request.

“Please consider granting the visa to my father before it is too late. That’s my only request,” he pleaded through tears.

It comes as the number of Australians in India wanting to come back grows again, up to 11,000 people from 9,000 just last month.

Close to a thousand of those are deemed vulnerable.

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There already is a visa for last surviving relative. Why is he asking for special consideration, why not file and ask to fast track it?

He may not know about it. The Today Show producers must’nt either.

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