‘Thirsty for information’: Gold Coasters flood community meeting for City Plan answers

Scores of Gold Coasters have turned out for a community meeting in Palm Beach last night, to discuss proposed changes to the City Plan.

Over 200 people were in attendance, voicing their concerns about developments on the Gold Coast – specifically in the Palm Beach area.

The ‘Community Alliance – ACE’ was in charge of organising the meeting and says the turnout immediately demonstrated how concerned locals are over the changes to City Plan.


“We had standing room only shortly after we opened the doors, which is testimony to the importance of this issue for Gold Coast residents,” the ‘Community Alliance – ACE’ posted on Facebook.

Division 13 Councillor Daphne McDonald told myGC, attendees seemed ‘really thirsty for information’ and have three main concerns.

“I know that side coverage has been an issue, about how big the developments are on the block.

“Instead of taking up 50 percent, they’re taking up more of the block.

“It seems to be a common thread with some of these buildings – the amount of land that they’re taking up, lack of green space, and the density.

“Overall there’s a number of issues but they seem to be following the same sort of three,” Ms McDonald told myGC.

While community members were able to discuss their main concerns on the night, assistance was also offered to those who are having trouble submitting feedback to Council over the proposed changes.

“I know that I’ve received a lot of responses that they get onto the council website – that it’s very, very difficult to negotiate, especially if you’re not use to doing that sort of thing.

“And there was offers of assistance so people felt more comfortable about putting submissions in.

“They’ve been onto the council website, some have spent hours on there actually,” Ms McDonald said.

She goes on to say that the community turn out, along with member’s interest in the proposed changes, just go to show how passionate the community is about getting the right information and having their say on it.

“I always encourage people to have their say because it’s their town plan – they’ve got to live in the city.

“So it’s really important that they give Council that feedback so that Council knows, otherwise if those ideas are not put forward, Council really doesn’t know how the community thinks,” Ms McDonald said.