This heartbreaking but beautiful Christmas ad is reducing the world to tears

Love is a gift that lasts forever… That’s the message being shared by an emotional Christmas ad which is going viral online and reducing the world to tears.

UK filmmaker Phil Beastall posted the heartbreaking but beautiful short film to Facebook two weeks ago, where it has quickly racked up more than 9.9 million views.

“Off the back of the John Lewis Christmas advert I wanted to share my very own Christmas film which I made back in 2014,” Beastall wrote.


“It’s a short film about a man counting down the days to Christmas so he can continue his yearly tradition sparked by a tragic moment from the past.”

In the film, a man can be seen ticking off the days until Christmas on his wall calendar. When he finally reaches Christmas Day, he unwraps a box containing a walkman and a number of cassette tapes featuring recordings from his mother before her death.

The man listens to the final Christmas message from his mother and tears begin to stream down his face.

The film then ends with the simple but powerful message ‘Love is a gift, that lasts forever. Merry Christmas’.


Heads up – You may want to grab a box of tissues first.