“This is a serious situation”: Premier’s warning amid new weather threat

Residents of southeast Queensland have been warned they face a “very dangerous and potentially life-threatening situation” for the next 48 hours as storms continue to threaten the region.

While most of the southeast, including the Gold Coast, were hit by severe storms this morning, the immediate threat is now north of Brisbane.

However, the Bureau has warned there is the chance of more severe storms developing on the Gold Coast this afternoon and for the next two days.


BOM forecaster Laura Boekel says the storms are putting even more pressure on our already swollen waterways.

“They do not have the capacity to take on any more water so they will rise if any water falls in those areas. That is why today it is such a serious and very dangerous situation,” Ms Boekel said.

“Unlike the events we have seen in the last week, this is severe thunderstorms and with severe thunderstorms come severe hazards and phenomena. That doesn’t just include heavy rain it includes the potential for giant hail and damaging winds.”

A fresh emergency alert has been issued for the Sunshine Coast while precautionary evacuations are underway at Grantham in the Lockyer Valley.

A flood watch remains in place for Gold Coast rivers and creeks while a major flood warning is still current for sections of the Logan and Albert Rivers.

Acting State Disaster Coordinator Shane Chelepy has warned areas that have already experienced flooding this week are likely to see it again.

“What I can say is that if you have been inundated over the last few days of the flood event up from rivers or creeks and we get high rainfall in that area, there is a possibility that your home will be inundated
again,” Deputy Commissioner Chelepy said.

“So I cannot stress, please, please over the next 48 hours, please do not move back into your homes if you have been inundated.”

The Premier is urging parents in areas from Moreton Bay, Sunshine Coast, Gympie, Wide Bay to Bundaberg to collect their children from school as soon as possible.

She is also encouraging people to work from home on Friday.

“Across the entire southeast, I am asking people to think about not being on the roads tomorrow and staying at home. The schools will open for children of essential workers but under all the information that has been given to me this morning…this is the action that we wish to take,” The Premier said.

“We are warning people that this is a serious situation. It is extremely unstable weather conditions.”

Education Minister Grace Grace said the safety of students and staff was paramount.

“In addition to early collections in those areas today, tomorrow schools across the entire southeast region will only be open for children of essential workers.