‘This is not over’: Black Swan Lake supporters to protest Gold Coast Council

Gold Coasters are being called to Council Chambers today to fight for the last 20 percent of Black Swan Lake.

It comes after a letter from Council CEO Dale Dickson to Mayor Tom Tate was revealed, which advised Council to reject a proposal to save the last part of the lake.

In what’s being called the end of the battle for the lake, Council is expected to follow the recommendations, on the basis that the proposal would cost ratepayers too much money.


Protesters are now planning to rally outside of Council Chambers today, from 12.30pm, to call on Council for three things:

  • To refuse the recommendation from Council CEO
  • To look back at the figures that show it was viable to maintain the lake
  • To look at rectifying the fiasco, but certainly to maintain that last 20 percent

The President of Wildlife Queensland Gold Coast Branch, Sally Spain, says despite a five year process, this is still just the beginning.

“This asset was publicly owned, and that’s why the Wildlife Society have expended so much time and effort on it.

“It was an asset that already belonged to the people, and in its own right was a valuable asset,” Ms Spain said.

She goes on to say that it’s not just up to the Council to fight for the lake that housed 65 out of 285 bird species.

“The Turf Club too have some responsibility in this – they could be generous to the community.

“It was a very sheltered and quiet area, a benefit to the racehorses, a benefit to the public and certainly will not compound the problems that filling in the entire lake will do,” Ms Spain said.

The Wildlife Society is continuing to call on Gold Coasters to get involved in the matter, as the land belongs to the community.

Ms Spain says locals can be in contact with their local Councillors to voice their concerns, or they can come down to the protest today.

“Everyone understands who’s looked at the issue closely.

“The science has showed this is a valuable site, it belongs to the community, it should not have been destroyed.

“We have a council that can afford to maintain this, we have a Turf Club that has responsibility,” Ms Spain said.