‘This is our future’: Gold Coasters unite to demand action on climate change

An estimated 2500 climate change protesters have turned out in Broadbeach to call on political leaders to do more to address what they have labelled  a ‘crisis’.

The Gold Coast demonstration was part of a global day of action ahead of a United Nations Summit on climate change.

Similar protests have taken place in cities right across the country.


Hundreds of school students joined parents and workers who descended on Victoria Park this afternoon.

Image | Marcus Greig

Varsity College student Jasmine Bacon says it was the right thing to do.

“This is our future and this is what matters, I’m striking from school so future generations have a school to go to because they’ll have a planet to live on,” Ms Bacon said.

She says her parents supported her missing school to take part.

“They understand that this is our future and that we want to be a part of the right side moving towards solving the climate crisis.”

Image | Shanee Dobeson/mygc

Fellow Varsity College student Theo Matheus says it was more important for him to be at the protest than the classroom.

“We’re growing up in a world in the thick of a climate crisis and I don’t think its fair that we have politicians and people in the government aren’t taking that into consideration.

“I’m fighting to make sure our future, my friends’ future, my kids’ future are futures they’ll be able to relish in a beautiful world we’ve been blessed with.”

Image | Marcus Greig

Hinterland residents affected by the recent bushfires were also among those protesting, warning we’ll see more emergencies like that unless something is done about climate change.

Binna Burra local Sally Mackinnon told the crowd the crisis is happening on our doorstep.

“Why does the Binna Burra fire experience matter in a country where bushfire is common, why worry about my community’s misfortune?

“Binna Burra is rainforest, it seldom burns, a wildfire of this catastrophic scale in world heritage rainforest is unprecedented, the conditions that fed the fire are unprecedented.

“Binna Burra is a living example, here, now, of what happens when our climate collapses.”

Image | Marcus Greig

The protesters then set off on a rowdy, but drama-free rally through the streets of Broadbeach.

They marched through Broadbeach Mall, along Old Burleigh Rd then up Elizabeth St to Surf Parade.

A huge Police presence kept watch on proceedings but there has been no reports of any trouble.