This is your tax payer dollars at work

YOU must be so proud.

Some of your 10 Gold Coast state MPs have been standing up to be heard in Queensland Parliament this week.

Unfortunately, what they have to say is not anything that will actually benefit you in any way.


Burleigh MP Michael Hart continued to make a spectacle of himself, gloating again and again about how Palmers United Party tried to woo him over to their team.

Mate, don’t flatter yourself, they are trying it on with everyone.

But seriously, what were they thinking?

Mr Hart, a nice man I am sure, has not exactly set the political world on fire and he failed to keep one of his major election promises – to stop the Boral quarry.

It is doubtful whether he would hold his seat under any brand.

But with Parliament sitting again and the opportunity to take centre stage, Mr Hart suddenly revealed he had a tape recording of PUP’s alleged attempt to lure him over.

He rose again later to stick the boot in PUP and his old colleague, now PUP state leader, Gaven MP Alex Douglas while also majorly sucking up to the Premier.

“(The people of Burleigh) knew that I was a massive supporter of Campbell Newman … I have no intention of letting the people of Burleigh down by jumping ship,” he said.

Right, so going down with the ship then.

Mudgeeraba MP Ros Bates was a little less enthusiastic about her non-Gold Coast contribution.

She waited until after midnight to rise to apologise rather begrudgingly for misleading the house during a kerfuffle about her son getting a job with the government.

Actually, I have misled you.

Someone did get up to ask a question relevant to the Gold Coast.

Dr Douglas rose twice to make a speech and ask a question about connecting the light rail to the heavy rail but was cut down rather patronisingly by Transport Minister Scott Emerson.

“The member for Gaven again seems to be confused—it is something he has specialised in in his entire political career. That is what he does,” said Mr Emerson, a former journalist.

That’s Dr Douglas to you buddy.


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