This photo of a baby kangaroo hugging a teddy bear will melt your heart

THERE really is nothing a good hug can’t fix… right? That seems to be the case for this orphaned baby kangaroo and his teddy bear.

The adorable photo posted to Twitter by Tim Beshara features a baby kangaroo called ‘Doodlebug’ with its arms tightly wrapped around a teddy bear at the home of a wildlife carer in Australia.

Beshara tweeted the image, which has now gone viral, after his mother Gillian, who looks after orphaned animals in her spare time, captured the special moment at her house in New South Wales.


“My mum (a wildlife-carer) sent me this. Showing the value of a good hug, especially for an orphaned wallaby.”

The adorable photo has been re-tweeted and shared thousands of times since it was uploaded on August 4. The priceless image proves that nothing compares to a warm, tight hug.


Picture: @Tim_Beshara Twitter

Picture: @Tim_Beshara Twitter