This town needs an enema!

CAN someone tell me what kind of a world we live in, when a drug dealer facing death, steals my press!!

Batman references aside, here is the Bali Nine ‘story’ as I see it – they had a life, they chose to live that life by intentionally distributing drugs, they got caught, and will now lose that life.

How is this ‘story’ anything more complex than that?


How is it on my television as ‘news’ every single day? And how in the name of common sense does a Prime Minister publicly defend the life of drug dealers who was charged with over 4 Million dollars worth of heroin?

That is Intent to Distribute.

In simpler terms, that means that these guys knowingly intended to sell these drugs, the number of ruined families and destroyed lives be damned.

This act is morally horrible.

I believe that sanctity of life holds meaning only so long as that life is spent bringing some good into this world – the INTENTION to use that life to work towards a better future is what counts.

These people aren’t aid workers accused of some trumped-up espionage chargers – they are drug dealers.

They packed their bags intending to profit through the misery and pain of others, explain to me again why I should shed one tear over the fact they got caught and now face death?

As if the media giving this ‘story’ daily attention wasn’t farcical enough, we now have politicians flocking to the cause of preserving the lives of these men, like we Australians hold some moral high ground on ethical affairs.

I would love a journalist – any journalist – to ask Abbott, Bishop or Turnbull why they care so much about the lives of men who have proven to be criminals when daily there are thousands of human beings living in forced detention whose only crime was wanting to live in Australia.

Why care about the fate of convicted criminals being punished in a country they actively sought to make worse, let alone come to the point of souring our already tenuous relationship with Indonesia by publicly denouncing their laws.

As a father I can completely understand the parents of the convicted wanting their sons to live – though I would point out that a quick, simple little pre-flight question like ‘’make sure you haven’t packed all that heroin for your trip to Bali son, you know they have the death penalty over there?” would have been a better way to achieve that goal.

But I just cannot understand why our politicians care, nor why our media think we do…

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