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This video of underprivileged kids choosing family over Christmas gifts will melt your heart

A new video showing kids from low income families having to choose between a Christmas gift for themselves or their parents is going  viral and melting hearts across the world.

In “The Other Christmas Gift” video, five kids from Atlanta are asked what they want for Christmas. An Xbox, a barbie house, a laptop, a toy truck, they reply before being asked what they think their parents would want.

The kids are then presented with both presents, however are given the option of only choosing one to take home.


Ultimately all of the children chose to take home the gift for their parents instead of themselves, with one stating: “Legos don’t matter. Your family matters. It’s either family or Legos, and I choose family.”

At the end of the video, which is warming the hearts of thousands on social media, the children are told that they can actually take home both presents.


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Oh wow I just love these humble children so full of love & kindness. God bless them all & their beautiful families. “I cried too mum”. Priceless words fr a precious child. ♡

How cruel to take advantage of these impoverished kids giving them this choice for the sake of a video. Shame on you!

Thank you for sharing this video…I have four adult children that at least 18 yrs ago brought presents for their 15 cousins with their $10 each, they wanted nothing but to bring joy to others. This video made me cry because I used to say to them ” be good or Santa won’t bring you anything” they’d always say “gee mum you must have been naughty because Santa has brought you nothing again”, we lived on the bones of our a***s for quite a few yrs. Thank you for letting me share xo Merry Christmas to all

I bawled like a baby.