This year’s biggest Oz Lotto jackpot drawn tonight

2019’s biggest Oz Lotto jackpot is here tonight.

Up to one-in-five Aussies are expected to have a ticket in the $50 million draw.

So far this year, the Oz Lotto division one prize has only gone off once, back in January.


The winning entry was held by a Bathurst couple, who won a whopping $20 million.

It took a few days for them to realise they had won.

While it’s a game of chance, and every number has an equal chance of being drawn, the Lott has revealed the numbers that have been drawn the most during the past 13 years.

Currently, the ‘hottest, or most frequently drawn, Oz Lotto numbers are:

Number 33 7 25 19 27
Times drawn 160 155 155 154 154

The numbers considered the ‘coldest’ Oz Lotto numbers because they haven’t appeared so frequently include:

Number 10 42 24 18 30
Times drawn 110 119 120 123 124

A spokesperson from the Lott says many Aussies will be watching tonight’s draw closely.

“We’ve seen the Oz Lotto jackpot gather momentum during the past six weeks to reach the lofty heights of $50 million.

“It’s fair to say there’s no shortage of people wanting to be crowned Oz Lotto’s second division one winner for 2019,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson also offers some other tips for those purchasing a ticket today.

“More than half of the Oz Lotto division one wins in 2018 were from entries where the numbers had been chosen by the ticketholder, including special numbers and birthdates.

“I know many Aussies will be carefully contemplating their numbers for Tuesday’s draw and hoping to seem them make an appearance on the night!

“We’ll be standing by ready to confirm an Oz Lotto division one win to anyone who holds an entry with all those seven winning numbers in a single game.”

Oz Lotto draw 1309 closes at 7:30pm AEST on Tuesday 19 March 2019, good luck!