Those who can’t surf, SUP!

IT is already standing room only on the Gold Coast waterways each weekend and this summer, the SUP crowd is only set to increase.

Some are already rolling their eyes at the mention of the latest ‘fad’ to reach the Gold Coast but I’m guessing that by the end of this summer there won’t be many of you left – you’ll begrudgingly admit defeat in a can’t-beat-em-join-em style defense.

And so you should. Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUPing) is not a passing fad. We are set for a long, hot summer here on the Goldy and those air-conditioned shopping centres are only going to hold your attention for so long.


SUPing is quickly cementing itself as the new surfing, not only on the Gold Coast but around the world – even in places that aren’t near the beach.

As a surfer, just personally, I welcome this ‘distraction’.

I mean I get it. I’m sure the fascination with carving up the waves will always remain but you have to admit that trying surfing for yourself is a rather deflating experience. It only takes one go to realise that there is a 99% chance you will never get past the shore break, let alone visit the green room.

SUPing on the other hand offers first-timers a much higher success rate and an opportunity to enjoy all the best parts of the beach (fresh air, sun, gorgeous view) and leave the not-so-great ones behind (getting dumped by a wave, sand in every crevice…).

Unlike surfing, SUPing is not as dependent on wind direction, swell size or water temperature and as long as you can get that beast of a board into the water, it is pretty much smooth sailing. If you have tried surfing but thought it was too hard, then SUPing is for you.

Even though I don’t claim to be one, I am one of SUPing’s biggest fans. In fact, us surfers are secretly stoked that SUPing is getting so big.

With the increasing popularity in SUPing, the line-up at my local surfing break now has 30% fewer kooks and at the same time, some of my favourite surf brands are experiencing a resurgence thanks to a new breed of people falling in love with the beach lifestyle.

Of course, in my support of SUPing and invitation for you to give it a try, I offer one important disclaimer: keep to the flat water!

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