Thought it felt cold outside – you’d be right

ANOTHER chilly day to welcome in spring.

It is eight degrees at the Southport Seaway right now, but the Weather Bureau tells us it feels more like six.

Forecaster Jonte Hall said in the Hinterland it is three degrees but the apparent temperature is 0.2.


He predicted a bit of light frost in the more sheltered inland areas.

Mr Hall went on to explain that the reason for the sudden chill is due to the fact that we are under the influence of a “dry air mass and clear skies and quite light winds, so even at this time of year if you put those three things together you still have fairly long nights so lots of opportunity for cooling of the air overnight and so leading to quite cold temperatures”.

He added these are the coolest temperatures seen for the best part of a month in a lot of places in south east Queensland.

The good news is “this is the last cold morning that we’ll see for a while, we’ll see a build up of cloud a little bit through the day today but particularly overnight” and on Thursday “even enough to see some rain coming through from the west” on Thursday.

After that he said we’ll be under the influence of “more sort of onshore breezes which will keep the overnight minimums much milder than we’ve seen the last three mornings”.

“Daytime temperatures will be fairly close to the average or even sliding just below as we head towards the weekend so nothing particularly hot on the horizon at this stage but we should be getting rid of the last of the very cold mornings after we get through this morning”.